Why i-TimeTec?
Two-thirds of adults worldwide own a smartphone. This tool is ubiquitous and has become an extension of modern individuals. Hence, it’s only natural for the solution developers to incorporate the use of smartphones into the system. i-TimeTec taps on the computing power of smartphones to deliver security control to each user. All consumers need to do is install the hardware and control all the access of the hardware via i-TimeTec App on the smartphone. Keys and cards are no more, smartphone credential is now the way forward in access control.
The DIY concept of i-TimeTec makes system deployment a breeze with a few simple installation steps for users to follow.
Take control of your own IoT smart devices through your very own smartphone installed with i-TimeTec App.
Forget about the expensive hardware and installation fees, i-TimeTec will most certainly save you a lot of money.
Get connected to the cloud because eventually, all systems lead to cloud.