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Why i-TimeTec?
Smartphones are ubiquitous and have become an extension of modern individuals. i-TimeTec taps on the computing power of smartphones to deliver security and automation control to each user. All consumers need to do is install the hardware and control all the access of the hardware via i-TimeTec App on the smartphone.

i-TimeTec Smart Home devices are SIRIM and MCMC certified, which is required for all wireless devices to be legally sold and used in Malaysia. With these certifications, users can be rest-assured that our products are safe and with high quality. They can use it with ease of mind without worrying it may harm other wireless devices, and avoid legal issues that can be caused by selling or using unlicensed products.
Advantages of Sirim certified Smart Home device
Property Developer Managers
Architect & Interior Designer
Home Owner & House Investor
Among so many Smart Home solution providers in the market, why choose i-TimeTec?


TimeTec always welcomes resellers and we provide intensive support to our resellers.

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