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Make Money with Us
Global Reseller Program
• Conclude Sales Fast
• Reduce Support Cost
• Gain Better Profit
Welcome to i-TimeTec Global Reseller Program, an effective reseller program formulated with two clear objectives: to conclude sales in no time, and to reduce support costs for a more profitable operation. i-TimeTec Global Reseller Program is designed to fulfill all the requirements of a reseller who are looking for IoT Security Devices complete with a smartphone App.
Online Sales Resources
i-TimeTec offers an effective approach to sales and marketing strategies. In this era where customers expect fast response along with precise information, preparation of an effective sales presentation complete with all the relevant materials is key to a great pitch. To meet that expectation and seal the deal faster, we have prepared a list of marketing materials at your disposal to achieve your performance goals, meet your sales targets and get an edge over your competitors.
Video Demonstrations
Power Point Presentations
Product Fact sheets
Success Stories
Image Banks
Global News
Monthly E-Newsletters
Save your time, get professional looking sales materials, presentation kits and supplementary marketing materials directly from us free of charge. If you want to customize the materials to reflect on your business and present them in the language of your choosing, contact us at info@timeteccloud.com and we’ll make that happen for you. From brochures to buntings to posters to videos, demo kits and many more, get them from TimeTec easily.
Product Listing
Visit our website to obtain information about our products down to the technical specifications, features and capabilities. Browse our one-stop centre for your IoT products for smart door lock, smart wireless alarm, smart camera and App and make that smart decisions with us!

If you offer your products on prominent ecommerce platforms, our eye-catching responsive web designs will help to attract more customers!

User Support
TimeTec does not only support you as our reseller, we also extend our service to the end-users. Promote i-TimeTec to your customers and let them experience the amazing service that we have laid out for them. Check our exhibition schedules, read product reviews, register warranty, obtain technical support and much more.
Accessory Listing
In need of accessories to accompany your TimeTec Security products? Look no further as we provide various types of accessories to compliment the products.
Technical Tips
Having technical issues? Need help troubleshooting? Not to worry. Our technical team and Salesforce CRM back-end are always on standby either on Skype to answer your questions or you could drop them an email at support@fingertec.com . The technical service is available 24/7/365.
Global Product Warranty
Our resellers and end users are our greatest customers. To find out more about our Spare Part Allocation Scheme, Standard Limited Warranty and Product End of Life Policy, join our Global Reseller Program.
Additional Advantages
Complimentary BLE App with Multilanguage Selection
Quality Lead Referrals
This Program Applies To
Smart Home & Office Security Industry
Security/Physical Access Control Industry
Solution Providers who are interested to showcase fingerprint technology.
How To Become A i-TimeTec Reseller
Buy sample units to test the technology, to understand the system, and to experience what i-TimeTec has to offer.
Determine the level of commitment you desire as a i-TimeTec reseller.
On top of i-TimeTec products, you have an opportunity to expand your business by becoming FingerTec products & TimeTec Cloud solutions reseller as well.
Start your business and enjoy all the benefits from i-TimeTec Global Reseller Program. Get started now by sending an email to us at info@timeteccloud.com
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