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Home Owner & House Investor
Safety First

The first reason most home owners acquire a smart home solution is for safety. Time and family are precious, the money we spend on a whole house system will repay us by giving us peace of mind. With i-TimeTec Smart Security, you do not need to worry about your family and home when you are away. i-TimeTec Smart Security is wireless and so easy to set up that no hacking and wiring work is needed. Best of all, you'll get alerts and be able to take the necessary steps to fix problems with the click of a button on your smartphone. You even can use our Smart Gateway that comes with a camera, mic and speaker to have 2-way-communicate with your family member at home via our app. That is security and convenience you can't beat.
Home Automation Made Easy

With i-TimeTec Smart Home Automation that consists of smart autogate, smart scenario system, smart lighting system and smart curtain system, you can easily build a smart home with some assistance from our resellers. These automations can be achieved by adding BLE-2 and switching your traditional wall light panels into i-TimeTec Smart Panel which is elegantly designed using soft-touch tempered glass. Turn on the lights and open your autogate with your smartphone before you ever have to get out of the car. Automate your house to switch on all the light when you step in your house using the sensor detection. Arm the alarm or close the curtains at a specific time. A home automation system can enhance the comfortability of your home.
Reasonable Price with Sirim/MCMC Certification

During the initial stage when smart home was first introduced, the implementation cost a bomb. However, now smart homes have become more common, it is also more affordable and we can say that everyone can own a smart home now. i-TimeTec Smart Security and Smart Automation have been certified by Sirim with MCMC standard, it is not only safety and quality assured, but also reasonably priced and comes with a FREE mobile application for life. Talk to our sales representative or reseller today to know more about our Smart Home products.

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