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Smoke Detector
Detect smoke in real-time
Fires are always alarming, even terrifying. They kill people and ruin families with their destruction. It is critical that we enhance fire safety awareness and use firefighting equipment intelligently to minimize losses and damages. TimeTec Smart Smoke Detectors are automated sentries, able to detect smoke in real time. If the density of smoke exceeds a predetermined threshold, our smart smoke detector will send push notification to your i-TimeTec app and activate its built-in siren or related devices such as connected external siren that installed in guardhouse etc.

Unlike traditional standalone smoke detectors that frequently report false alarms, expensive and hard to install, TimeTec Smart Smoke Detector is priced reasonably, easy to install and connected to your smartphone. Having sleek and modern design, our smoke detector is also practical because it is power-saving and built using Zigbee technology.
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85db siren
Sleek and modern design
Zigbee Technology
Size : 54*54*41.5mm
Working Voltage : DC3V
Wireless Communication Protocol : Zigbee
Communication Coverage : 15m (without barrier)
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