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Door/Window Magnetic Sensor
Exclusive guards to defend your premises
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The i-TimeTec Sensors are designed to easily mount on window/door and its frame to always know when they’re opened. With this door and window sensor, the alarm will always sound when someone opens a door or window.
Easy Installation
Low energy consumption
Tamper Detection
Connect to TimeTec Smart Mode
Real-time sensing
Real-time alarm to i-TimeTec App
Trigger camera to record immediately
Sleep mode

Size : Sensor: 78 x 32mm, Magnet: 78 x 11mm
Effective opening : Close: < 15 mm, Open > 21 mm
Power Supply : DC3V, CR2450 Battery
Working power consumption : 40mA
Static power consumption : < 1.5µA
Lower voltage alert : < 2.3V
Communication protocol : Zigbee
Communication frequency : 2.4GHz
Communication distance : < 15 meters (open area)
Working Temperature : 0 to 50°C
Working humidity : 5 to 95% RH
Color : White
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