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Property Developer Managers
Make Your Project Marketable

Innovative, valuable yet practical solutions outstand your brand among others when it comes to property development and management. Modern conveniences and lower costs make your projects more marketable. Smart home security and automation systems are one of the perfect solutions that can add value to your projects. With the latest technology, home automation systems are no longer complicated, high cost, or difficult to install. i-TimeTec Smart Home offers Smart Security Solution which is wireless - no hacking and cabling work required, which means hassle-free for your team. And most importantly, our devices are Sirim certified with MCMC standard which is required for all wireless devices in Malaysia.
Scalable And Expandable Solution

i-TimeTec Smart Home Security System can be easily incorporated into any property that has been developed or under construction as it is wireless and easy to set up. Coupled with state-of-the-art mobile application - i-TimeTec which is developed and supported by the local R&D team, with rapid elasticity and multi-tenancy features, enables autoscale based on load. What does this mean? This means users can add additional sensors or devices according to their needs. Besides being scalable, i-TimeTec Smart Home is also "expandable", users can also expand the system into a Smart Home Automation System that consists of smart lighting and smart curtain easily. Therefore, rest-assured that your customers can use our products with peace of mind. Adding smart home technology into your new building projects will give your customers a sense of added value to their home. It's a simple and affordable way for you to increase your profit by providing extra options to your clients. The safety and modernization value provided by i-TimeTec Smart Home Solution make any property more appealing to your customers, helping you close the deal quicker.
Local Tech Team To Back You Up

i-TimeTec Smart Home and Automation Solution is controlled using the i-TimeTec app which is developed, supported and maintained by our strong R&D Tech Team based in local Malaysia. TimeTec team has over 20 years experience in manufacturing "FingerTec" brand biometrics devices. We have ventured into cloud application and obtained MSC status in 2012. Since then we have started R&D in IoT development and possess 2 R&D centers in Cyberjaya. Unlike other smart home systems available in Malaysia that use controlling apps that are developed overseas, you can get timely support by contacting our local technical support team.

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