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Smart Curtain Motor (w Curtain Rail)
The smartest curtain solution that understands you.
User Guide
No more struggling to open or close your curtain anymore. Our Smart Curtain Solution allows you to control curtain effortlessly. TimeTec Curtain Electric Motor can do the wonders while you can just sit back and relax without needing to touch the curtain physically. Integrated with i-TimeTec application, you can even control the curtains away from home via simple taps on your smartphone.
Quiet & Discreet Motor
Light Touch Panel
Speed Adjusting
Manual Mode during Power Failure
Power-failure memory
R300 Curve Arc

Control curtain remotely using
i-TimeTec App

Setup curtain effortlessly in i-TimeTec appĀ 
Control curtain even you are away from home
Tap to open and close curtain in single or two ways
Set timer for curtain control
Curtain Panel
Easy automation using wall switch curtain panel

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Curtain Electric Motor
For quiet and smooth operated smart curtain

Model : WCM99
Size : 220mm, 55mm, 70mm
Power Supply Method : Power Cable
Rated Voltage : AC100 - 240V
Rated Frequency : 50 - 60Hz
Rated Power : 30W
Rated Torque : 1.2N.m
Operation : 30 - 130rpm
Color : White

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Curtain Rail
Customize the length of your curtain rail.

Load Bearing Table for Single Track with Single Motor
Length 4m 6m 8m 10m 12m
Curtain Weight 55kg 48kg 40kg 35kg 25kg
Load Bearing Table for Single Track with Double Motors
Length 4m 6m 8m 10m 12m
Curtain Weight 80kg 78kg 60kg 50kg 40kg