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Architect & Interior Designer
Aesthetics & Simplicity Design

To provide a beautiful yet functional space for your clients is the job of architects and designers. You want to create a stylish, well-crafted home that you can be proud of putting your name on. i-TimeTec provides smart home devices that come with simplicity design which can fulfill your aesthetic requirement, most of all, they fit your vision and your budget. Our Smart Alarm is wireless and no hacking work needed, while our Smart Automation provides Smart wall panels which have sleek and elegant design. We work with you to make sure security, automation, and the latest technology is seamlessly incorporated into the design of any living space you create.
Reliable & Quality Assured Products

i-TimeTec smart devices are Sirim and MCMC certified. By having these certifications, it means that our products have all passed through tedious quality assurance so users can use them with peace of mind. Our products come with a standard 1 year warranty, and your clients will have the option to purchase extended 2 years warranty. For wireless devices which are powered by batteries, they can last for 2-3 years before replacing new batteries. Whereas for wired devices such as the wall switch panels, they are low power consumption which can help save energy. With all the advantages mentioned, i-TimeTec smart home is definitely a reliable partner that you can have in designing a smart home system for your client.
We Take Care of The Tech Part

Integrating technology with design may be a tough challenge for architects and designers. Therefore, i-TimeTec is definitely your preferred partner as our tech team will be there to support you from both hardware and software perspective. i-TimeTec hardware is long lasting and can be upgraded for your clients future needs. The i-TimeTec mobile application that we offer comes with ongoing maintenance so your customers will never question the value of their system, what's more - the app is FREE for life! The app makes whole home automation easy for the tech savvy and the novice alike. Give your clients a more satisfying experience by offering them an exceptional smart home lifestyle that is above industry standards.

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