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Smart Gateway (w Camera)
High-performance motion detect camera
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TimeTec Smart Gateway (w Camera) is incorporated to connect various TimeTec smart home/office devices, and an IoT connection management platform to enable various applications. The applicable solutions include security devices and home/office automation and security devices which brings a safer and more comfortable lifestyle.

TimeTec Smart Gateway (w Camera) provides more than any ordinary Gateway. It is embedded high-performance motion detection camera into the gateway, you can view your protected home via i-TimeTec App even from another part of the world as long as you are connected to the internet. Its camera comes with 3 levels of sensitivity, i.e. low, medium and high. This added camera monitoring feature is not only helpful to detect intruder but also helps in monitoring elderly, patients or infant. Setting low sensitivity motion detection, you can eliminate false alarms by not missing major movements for eg patient falls from bed or etc.

If it pairs with indoor or outdoor siren system, any detected motion will trigger the alarm. Besides, the Gateway will automatically send the captured and detected motion video footage to your smartphone via i-TimeTec App.

Built in Zigbee Gateway
Easy Installation
720P High Resolution
8m Remote night vision
Panoramic monitoring
Cloud and Local Storage
Voice Intercom
Motion Sensor
Real-time alarm to i-TimeTec app
Send motion detected video clip to app immediately
Size : 85*106mm
Lens parameter : 100w resolution, 720p lens
Infrared distance : < 10m
Voice intercom : Two way
Storage : Support Micro SD card (max 128G), support Epicamera Cloud Storage
Installation : Wall mount, side mount, ceiling mount
Rotating Angle : Horizontal 0 to 340, vertically 80 upward and 10 downward
Wireless Communication Protocol : 2.4G Zigbee
Wifi Parameter : IEEE802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (Outdoor <100m, indoor <50m, depends on situation)
Smart Alert : Motion detect
Accessories : 1 Smart Gateway Camera maximum can connect to 36 devices
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