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Smart Scenario Panel
Automation presets for your home
For a moment, think about all the steps you take every night before you go to sleep. You lock the doors, arm the alarm, turn off the lights, adjust the air-conditioner and close the curtain. In fact, you probably have many different routines of basic tasks that you go through every time you have friends over, leave for work, or go on vacation. These routine tasks in and of themselves are not difficult but can become tedious and take longer to accomplish if you are in a rush or live in a large house.

When a smart home is set up correctly by a professional integrator, what may have taken you several minutes to do manually can be done in seconds. All you need to do is touch one button. By touching one button you can activate a sequence of commands sometimes referred to as a scene. These scenes can impact the entire house or one particular room, they can serve a practical purpose or just do something cool that impresses your friends and family.

With TimeTec Smart Scenario Solution, you can save time managing your smart home system and always be ready for any change in environment or mood. The ability to set scenes is not limited and offers the opportunity to tailor your smart home system around each family member’s habits, personal preferences, and daily routines. Professional Integrators will often suggest scenes to incorporate into your smart home system but that doesn’t mean you are stuck with them. With TimeTec Smart Scenario Solution, you can build out your scenes easily without having to call up the smart home company that installed your system.

User Guide
Home Scenario
Ready the house for your return by activating selected lights—like the fixtures that lead from the garage to the kitchen. Disarm the security system and open the curtain in the living hall. You can also set the air-conditioner to be switched on when you switch the Home scenario.
Away Scenario
Prepare the house for your family’s routine departure for work and school by turning off all lights and air-conditioner, closing the curtains and arming the security system.
Guest Scenario
If you are meeting guests in the evening, a Guest command can illuminate a pathway from the driveway to the front door for your guests, disarm the security system, set the lights to show off your home’s artwork and architecture and adjust the air-conditioner so that everyone is comfortable.

Magnetic adsorption easy installation
One-button to control all smart home systems
Work perfectly with TimeTec Smart Home Solutions
Control remotely via i-TimeTec
Size : 86mm * 86mm *72mm
Working Voltage : AC180-250V 50Hz
Working Frequency : 2.4G
Communication Coverage : 100m (without barrier)
Wireless Communication Protocol : Zigbee
Working Environment : Temperature -10 to 50 °C / Humidity ≤ 90% RH
Lighting control ability : 1/2/3/4 routes
Lighting control method : Switch
Maximum current : 10A – 16A
Resistive Load Power : 1500 W
Loading type : Fluorescent lamp 300W
Incandescent lamp 1500W
Low voltage halogen lamp 750W
Button type : Metal pressure touch button
Power-on switch status : Off
Dual function : Support virtually dual function
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