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Smart Home & Smart Office
Security, Automation, Access & Environment
All Mobile Access

TimeTec IoT Architecture

With MCMC, SIRIM, FCC, CE Certifications
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Smart Gateway (w Camera)
Motion Sensor
Panic Button
Door/Window Magnetic Sensor
Indoor Siren
Water Leak Detector
Smoke Detector
Smart Gateway (w Camera)
Smart IR Blaster
Smart Scenario Panel
Smart Light Switch
Smart Curtain Motor (w Curtain Rail)
TL- 40B Smart Lock
ML- 10B Smart Lock
DL- 30B Smart Lock
BLE -3 Autogate
BLE -2 Smart Door
QF Plus
All in i-TimeTec App
For smart devices

Smartphone Access
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  Easy Management of User Access
  Alarm Management from A Smartphone
  Surveillance Management Made Easy
  Temporary Access Key
  Security Heightened with Bluetooth
  All in One App for Your Premise Security
i-TimeTec - Smart Home & Smart Office IoT Devices
For larger office deployment,
please visit TimeTec Access solution.

To extend from individual Smart Home Security to Smart Community,
welcome to our i-Neighbour Solution.
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