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i-TimeTec App
Security & Automation On the Go
i-TimeTec App houses all security products of your home and office in a smartphone for easy management. Through this single App, you can control all entries-exits, monitor your space from intruders through Smart Alarm, and surveil your spaces through EpiCamera.

i-TimeTec App makes use of the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.2 that provides fast responses between the App and the hardware, providing you convenience beyond belief.

1. Smart Access
All Access Locks, Centralized!
Manage the access to locks and access devices at your places and provide temporary access pass for your visitors

2. Smart Alarm
Subtly Monitor Your Space
Manage the activation of alarm sensors and controllers of your place and monitor your alarm system in real time no matter of where you are.

3. Smart Surveillance
Cloud Monitoring
Manage IP cameras at your places, store footage in SD card or cloud storage, and to playback anytime, To export footage to store in app

BLE 4.2 Bluetooth Connectivity
Quiet Amazing Technology
Common connection available in today’s smart devices yet powerful in improving one’s lifestyle.