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E16S Indoor Camera
Infrared Detection - A valuable feature for the prevention of theft.

720P HD Video | Digital Wide Dynamic Range | PIR Infrared Sensor | Two-way/Real-time Voice Intercom Supports access to NVR | WIFI + Wired | Cloud Storage | Silver Frosted Spray Paint
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Main Features

HD Video

PIR Infrared Sensor

Digital Wide Dynamic Range

Two-way/Real-time Voice Intercom

Supports access to NVR
2.8mm Professional Security Lens
1/3 inch lens, 1.3 megapixel CMOS Image Sensor, Auto Exposure and White Balance Control, High Sensitivity. 110 Diagonal Degree for maximum infrared distance of 10 meters thus easily covering every corner of the premise in addition to rendering True Color.


Maximum Infrared Distance

E16S Camera

PIR Infrared Sensor
With a detection range of up to 5 meters paired along with intelligent movement detection feature, you will thus be immediately notified through your smartphone if someone is trespassing as the camera supports dual-monitoring.
Two-way/Real-time Voice Intercom
Built-in Mic which produces voice calls quality. Outside the premise, no worries, you will still be able to deal with any sudden situation occurring within the premise through your Smartphone.
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Silver Scrubbed Surface
Calm and introverted design which brings out a unique taste

Supports NVR, SD card and Cloud Storage
Thus, providing multiple protections for your property which also includes 3 days long cloud storage and free experience for 90 days.
      Cloud storage      
Product Structure
1 Indicator Light
3 Infrared Light
4 PIR Sensor
1 Network Interface
2 I / O port
3 Power Interface
4 Reset Button
5 Speaker
SmartConfig Mode
Automatically enters pairing mode when booted. Hence, no complicated procedures and easy to setup!

Turn on the power

Download the phone App

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Simple installation, easy connection.
Installation Process
45 seconds to Complete Configuration
Epicamera Supports Multi-platform Applications
Regularly updated, Clear Interface, Smooth Menu Function Supports all online production
Quick Start Guide
App Guide