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Smart Security Package Setup Guide
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Install Smart Gateway with Camera

Smart Gateway
Smart Gateway with Camera is the ‘brain’ of i-TimeTec Smart Security System. In order to set up the whole system, you need to install the smart gateway at a location first then followed by setting up the sensors and devices in different rooms.
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Hardware Guide
Install Sensors & Devices
PIR/Motion Sensor
Hardware Guide
App Guide
Door/Window Magnetic Sensor
Hardware Guide
App Guide
Indoor Siren
Hardware Guide
App Guide
Panic Button
Hardware Guide
App Guide
Smoke Sensor
Hardware Guide
App Guide
For better illustration, refer to below sample so that you can understand clearer:
1. Simple Planning

Firstly, do a simple planning of your alarm system (best with premise layout). It can be something like this:

Location: Your home, which is a 2-room-apartment and you can name it “Sweet Home”.
Rooms: The rooms that you will add the devices/sensors to, all the room names and device names can be edited according to your needs.

Dining room - Indoor Siren & PIR motion sensor
Master room - Door/Window magnetic sensor & Panic Button
Guest room - Door/Window magnetic sensor
Kitchen - Smoke sensor
2. Create Location

After planning is done, check out the Hardware Guide and App Guide of the “brain” -- Smart Gateway with Camera. In the app guide, you will learn how to create a location. Remember to name it accordingly, for eg “Sweet Home”.
3. Add Smart Gateway with Camera

Then, you are led to add the “brain” -- Smart Gateway with Camera in “Sweet Home”. We suggest to name it “Living room” as you are going to place it in the living room.
4. Create Rooms

After the smart gateway has been added, create rooms that the sensors and devices will be added according to your plan in (1).
5. Add Sensors & Devices

After the rooms have been created, you can add the sensor/device to each room accordingly. Each sensor has to be added to a certain room and bound with a smart gateway, in this case it will be the smart gateway “Living room”. Check out for the Hardware Guide and App Guide provided above for step-to-step guides of each device.
6. Start Configuration Now!

Start now by configuring your smart gateway! Chat with our support if you face any difficulties during the setup.