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FAQ for TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3
1. How would a TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 installation work with my home autogate system to restrict entries and exits?

Firstly, TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 connects to the autogate controller via relay contact. After i-TimeTec App is used to send the open gate command to TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 via Bluetooth. TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 will then translate the command and forward it to the autogate controller in order to open the gate.

2. How would TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 respond only to my smartphone? Can anyone else install the same App and connect it to TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 via Bluetooth?

During installation, you will be asked by i-TimeTec App to insert a password (Bluetooth pairing code) in order to connect with TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 via Bluetooth. Note that you must change this password after you’re connected to TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3. This is to avoid any unauthorised person from using the same App to interrupt TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3.

3. How could I allow my family members to open the autogate using i-TimeTec App in their smartphones?

You can create login access (email address) under your account for your family members. They can then login to i-TimeTec App using their smartphones to view the list of accessible autogates.

4. How could I allow my friends or relatives to use i-TimeTec App to temporarily open the autogate, e.g. a visit.

You can create login access (email address) under your account for your family members. They can then login to i-TimeTec App using their smartphones to view the list of accessible autogates.

5. Can I still use the existing autogate remote controller to open the gate after I installed TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3?

Yes, your existing remote controller will still work with your autogate as usual. TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 does not affect the existing remote control signal.

6. If my neighbour installed TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 at his/her autogate, will this installation affect mine?

No. The open gate command from TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 contains information as well as a unique password (set during installation). If TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 receives an open gate command which contains the wrong password, it will then ignore the command. Hence, you do not need to worry about your neighbour opening your autogate using his/her i-TimeTec App.

7. What if my family members or I changed to a new smartphone? Do we need to register another new account within i-TimeTec App again?

No, you will only need to install and login to i-TimeTec App within the new smartphone. i-TimeTec App will then provide you with a unique code through email. Please check your email to view the unique code and insert it into i-TimeTec App. This action is to allow the existing smartphone to be labelled as the main device. Therefore, if somebody uses your old smartphone to sign in, the system will immediately block it.

8. My residential area is still newly developed and does not have Mobile Internet access. Can I still use i-TimeTec App to open my autogate?

Yes, i-TimeTec App can still be used to send an open gate command to TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3. However, you cannot perform any action regarding management of users and temporary passes (which requires internet connection to the server). Please connect to any WiFi or hotspot in case you want to manage the users or temporary passes.

9. What are the benefits of using a smartphone rather than a remote control?

A remote control can easily be lost, stolen or damaged because it has no other functions except to unlock the gates. On the other hand, a smartphone is not only handy since it could control TimeTec Barrier but also it is a very personal object to anyone with a modern lifestyle.

10. Can TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 be installed within all types of autogate or barrier?

There are many types of barriers in the market and you can hardly find any plug-and-play systems. Customization to some degree might be required during the initial installation. Please write to us at info@timeteccloud.com if you have a barrier in mind that you would like to integrate with TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3.

11. What kind of smartphone is required in order to operate TimeTec Autogate - BLE 3 or do we need to find a specific function in a smartphone for this matter?

The system has to be running on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which is very common in smartphones nowadays. If you are using an iPhone or an Android phone, as long as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 and above, you should be fine.

12. After installing BLE-3, can I still use back my old RF remote control to open autogate? If yes, what is the benefit of having TimeTec Keyfob as an optional remote control?

Yes. You still can use back the old RF remote control instead of having TimeTec Keyfob as a back up for people who doesn’t carry smart phone. But the benefits of having Keyfob are, you can keep track of all autigate activities and admin has the option to receive realtime notifications. Besides, if your autogate system is integrated with some other smart home devices for example IP camera, the opening of autogate by Keyfob or smart phone can trigger camera to capture an instant image.