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FAQ Smart Door
1. Do I need a specific type of smartphone to use i-TimeTec or any smartphones will do?

Though the App is rather fancy, a smartphone with iOS 9.0 or Android version 5.0 and above that has Bluetooth 4.0 is sufficient for you to use i-TimeTec.

2. Do I need to buy i-TimeTec App?

No, you don't. This App is provided free when you install TimeTec BLE-2 on your door(s); just install the App from Play Store or Apple Store.

3. Say I use this app for both, my home and office, can I use the same App to handle both sets of doors?

By default, your life and your work life are separated. Therefore, doors in your house and doors in your office shouldn’t mix in one App. Unless you are the boss or you are permitted by the Admin/Owner to add office doors on your App or your house’s doors on Office app. In short, it’s weird and we do not recommend this practise at all.

4. If I have a door located in an area that has terrible mobile network coverage, does i-TimeTec App still work?

Don’t worry, we have thought about this and the system is designed to function in offline mode using Bluetooth communication technology.

5. Why is it better to use a smartphone rather than a card?

The world is going towards minimalism, everyone wants to reduce owning physical things around us to make this world a better place. Apart from having to produce keys and cards, they can easily be lost, stolen or forgotten which will lead to even more production of physical items. By using a smartphone as access credential, it taps on the gadget we already have and it can carry many features that cards/keys couldn’t have such as set access times and knowing who has access your space at any given time. And if you lost your smartphone, the data is intact on cloud server and downloadable when you access it through another phone.

6. To use i-TimeTec App, we need to pair Bluetooth to TimeTec BLE-2. If I want to add users to access some doors of mine, do I need to help them pair their smartphones one-by-one before they can use it?

Definitely troublesome if it’s true, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to guide them. All you need to do is to setup TimeTec BLE-2 and Bluetooth connection during the initial setup. And you need to create accounts for all users via their email addresses. The system will then send an email to them to guide them how to download the mobile app and create their login password. Therefore, when one of the users login into the App, he/she can access the doors assigned to him/her instantly.

7. Is it easy to use App? Is it intuitive or I need to attend a training to master it?

Let me show you some UIs of the App and you be the judge. i-TimeTec has been designed simple and user-friendly, suitable for all ages.

8. How large is this TimeTec BLE-2 and how would it looks on my door?

The TimeTec BLE-2’s size smaller than the palm of your hand and it will be installed above the ceiling or concealed inside a casing, not visible to the public eye. Hence, it will not ruin your aesthetics, and the only way you know it’s there is when you see the i-TimeTec’s subtle sticker on your door.

9. What is EpiCamera in the App? Do you supply camera with this App?

EpiCamera is our Smart Surveillance product, and it is one of the three categories we offered in i-TimeTec App besides Smart Access and Smart Alarm. Epicamera can work standalone or interactive perfectly with Smart Access and Smart Alarm to improve security. For instance, Administrator can configure to pair and interact Epicamera E17S with BLE-2 Smart Access to record image whenever there is an access activity for some particular doors or barrier gate. Currently we supply two models of camera, E16s and E17s. Go to these links for more information: https://www.i-timetec.com/e16s and https://www.i-timetec.com/e17s. Extra cloud storage for Epicamera can be purchased in App.

10. There are various smartphone brands and models available in the market, which brands or models work perfectly with i-TimeTec?

The i-TimeTec app is using Bluetooth 4.0 connection to work with the TimeTec BLE 2. So long as a smartphone can support Bluetooth 4.0 and above, it can work with i-TimeTec App. However different smartphone brands and models could affect the response distance between the TimeTec BLE-2 and the phone. Refer to this link for better understanding.

11. It’s a known fact that the surrounding materials such as glass, metal, brick wall could affect a Bluetooth wireless connection. Therefore, where should I install the TimeTec BLE 2 for it to work perfectly and what would be the impact to the Bluetooth connection if I installed the BLE-2 around different building materials?

Different building materials could affect a Bluetooth connection as the signal penetrates the material(s). Review our test report at https://www.i-timetec.com/templates/layout/download/BLE2-ResponseDistance.pdf to see how installation environment affects the system performance.

12. Why do we need to use the Scan QR code to unlock a door?

This is important when movement monitoring is required by the lock's owner. By carrying two different QR codes, the codes can tell the movement’s direction. When a person scans the QR code to unlock a door, his/her access record would be tagged with IN or OUT status. Hence, when the admin of the lock reviews the access records, the users’ movements will be apparent.

13. How can an admin or a user review the access records?

The access records’ viewing rights are very much determined by the person’s user level for each door. If the person is a system admin, he/she can review all access records of all admins and users. The admin can only review his personal and all users’ access records, while individual users can only review their personal access records.

User Management
1. Can the Admin/Owner control my access time on any doors?

Of course. Since they are the administrators of the doors, they can configure your access whether to allow or to restrict your access on any doors they ‘owned’.

2. When someone who has access to the doors left a company, how can we manage the access because everything is on her/his phone?

Oh! You don’t need to worry about this. The Admin/Owner can easily disable or remove this person’s access because eventually this person doesn’t own the doors, they were added as one of the users. Therefore, that privilege can be easily revoked by the owner at anytime.

3. My company installed TimeTec BLE-2 and assigned me as a normal user. At the same time, I installed TL40B at my apartment and I’m the system administrator of this smart lock. Can I use the same account in i-TimeTec App to control devices at my office and my home?

Yes, you can use the same account in the same app. When your company administrator assigns you as a normal user for your company door, you can only see the door name being displayed under Access page, but not under Configure Access page. However, because the TL40B lock is yours, you can add the lock under the Configure Access, where the system will treat you as a system administrator for this smart lock. After all the configuration is done, you can now see 2 unlock buttons under the Access page containing your company door and your home door.

Unlock Option
1. The App responds to voice command, what if my English pronunciation is not good, do I have other options?

Yes you do have option. You can choose the language you are comfortable with for voice command. However, if you want to use English we provide various commands to choose and these commands are simple words to pronounce such as Yes, Unlock, Open.

2. There are 4 types of unlock options in i-TimeTec App which are tap to unlock, voice command, auto unlock and scan QR code. Can I use any combination of these unlock feature?

Unfortunately no. You can only use unlock option for each TimeTec BLE-2 or smart lock at any given time.

3. Since there are 4 types of unlock options in i-TimeTec App, can I assign a specific unlock option for users of that specific lock?

The basic unlocking option is tapping a button on the i-TimeTec app to unlock the door. However, an administrator can choose to assign Voice Command, Auto Unlock or Scan QR code as a special unlock option per door. When a Voice Command feature is enabled, a user can use either voice command or tap unlock button to open a door. If Auto Unlock is enabled, the user can wait for the mobile app to unlock the door automatically (when the smartphone is inside the TimeTec BLE-2 Bluetooth coverage) or tap the unlock button to unlock the door. In case the admin enables the Scan QR Code as an unlock option, everybody must scan a QR code via mobile app to unlock the door.

4. Amongst the 4 types of unlock options in i-TimeTec app, which one is the best method?

Choosing the unlock method depends on one’s preference and location. Please refer to https://www.i-timetec.com/comparison_unlocking_methods to understand the pros and cons of each method before deciding to use any of them.

5. How would I know which unlock option should I use to gain access?

Don’t worry, the App will notify you on the unlock option to choose by displaying the unlocking method on your smartphone’s screen such as the QR code icon is designed for QR code scan, the pop-up message requires voice command or a countdown timer for auto unlock.

6. If a QR code is blurred or damaged, how can I scan it for access?

If you are a normal user, please inform the system admin to change the unlock option for temporary use or you can ask the admin to replace the QR code image the soonest possible. If you are an admin, please find another set of QR codes from the initial package to replace the damaged sticker. Alternatively, you can download the QR code from i-TimeTec App and print it as a replacement.

7. When an admin assigns an unlock option to a door, for example, a voice command, does it mean that users must follow the instruction?

It would depend on the admin’s configuration. When the admin selects Scan QR Code as an option, all users must use the Scan QR code to unlock the door. However, if an admin selects Voice Command or Auto Unlock, the users can choose to use either Voice Command or Auto Unlock or he/she can remain with Tap to Unlock option.

1. I have the App on my smartphone and I want someone to access my room, can I open the door remotely for this person?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. For BLE to work, your App needs to be in approximate to the door you want to unlock, give or take 5 meter away. But it doesn’t mean you can’t ask someone to open to door for you. Explore "Temporary Access" section for details.

2. Is it safe for the App to communicate with TimeTec BLE-2 under offline mode?

Yes. The concept is similar to access card, whereby you are given a pre-approved access to a space. Only in this case, your card is replaced by your smartphone. Even though the offline method works, all access log activities will be uploaded to the system once your smartphone is online, so nothing is lost in between.

3. A person snaps photos of all the QR codes installed at each door. Could this person unlock all those doors?

No. i-TimeTec App has 3 layers of security to protect the access. First, the person must have a login access to i-TimeTec App. Second, the person must have access permissions to access each door. Third, the person must be present and nearby the device for the mobile app to trigger the scan QR Code mechanism.

4. Can a user sign-in into i-TimeTec app in another smartphone via the same account login and let other people use it?

No. The initial sign-in of a user into i-TimeTec App in a smartphone, the mobile app will capture and send the smartphone’s mobile ID (a unique ID generated by mobile app based on your smartphone hardware information) to the cloud server, which makes the user account being tied up this unique mobile ID. If the same user sign-in into i-TimeTec app in another smartphone, the cloud server will send an email with a pairing code to the user’s registered mailbox for verification. Hence, the user must insert the pairing code into the new signed in a smartphone to start using the i-TimeTec app in this new phone and his account in the previous smartphone will be signed out automatically. Eventually, one user can only sign-in into one smartphone via one i-TimeTec account.

Temporary Access
1. I’m a jetsetter and I need someone to access my office to water my plants and keep it clean. How can i-TimeTec cater to my need?

Easy, you can setup the access rules by selecting time duration and doors to access and send this temporary pass from the App to the person you want to give authorization. That person however, is required to install i-TimeTec App, create an account using the same email address authorized for him. Once done, he/she can login into App to use the temporary pass. This pass is on temporary basis and the person can only access within the permitted duration only, and it’s not transferable to other party.