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Voice Control i-TimeTec Devices with Google Assistant Now!

Besides controlling i-TimeTec Smart Home devices via simple taps on the i-TimeTec mobile app, users can also voice control using Google Assistant! Simple commands like "OK Google, turn on/off the lights" can control the i-TimeTec Smart Lighting System without the need to open the i-TimeTec app.
How to start with this new feature?

Before you can connect Google Assistant with your i-TimeTec devices, please follow these steps:

Download the "i-TimeTec" app from Google Play


Sign up or sign in with an i-TimeTec account.


Setup the device with an "i-TimeTec" app, and you will need to make sure you can control the device in the app.


Open "Google Home" app
(users can download the app from Google Play or App Store)
Google Play
App Store

After the setup is finished, you can control the TimeTec Smart Home device with Google Assistant.

What are the commands that you can do with i-TimeTec Smart Home devices?

Here are some sample commands our users can use for controlling TimeTec Smart Home devices. Users can also use commands in different languages that Google Assistant supports, for example Chinese. Just make sure the device name, location and room are called correctly.
Action Command
To arm/disarm security system OK Google, arm the security system / OK Google, disarm the security system.
To arm/disarm camera OK Google, arm kitchen cam / OK Google, disarm kitchen cam.
To arm/disarm security system at a certain room OK Google, arm the security system in living room / OK Google, disarm the security system in living room.
To turn on lights OK Google, turn on the lights / OK Google, turn off the lights.
Turn on or off lights in the living room Ok Google, turn on the living room lights / Ok Google, turn off the living room lights.
To check if the lights are on/off Ok Google, are the lights on in the master bedroom? / Ok Google, are the lights off in John's office?
Eager to try out i-TimeTec Smart Home devices?