FAQ – TimeTec Smart Turnstile
1. I want to use TimeTec Smart Turnstile. Is there any specific type of smartphone for me to use to install i-TimeTec App for this purpose?

The smartphones must at least be loaded with iOS 9.0 or Android version 5.0 and above, and contain Bluetooth 4.0 feature and above.

2. Can I use the same i-TimeTec App to access all turnstiles installed around my office?

The i-TimeTec App is the App that you need to access TimeTec Smart Turnstile. However, it doesn’t mean that when you have the App, you are granted the permission to enter from any point you wish. You can only access the turnstiles that are authorized to enter and to know which turnstiles you can access, you need to contact the admin of your office.

3. Can the Admin control my access time?

Definitely. The Admin can configure daily, weekly or one time pass to restrict your access at turnstiles. You need to know your access time to avoid any inconvenience.

4. If a turnstile is located within an area that has minimum mobile network coverage, would I be having a problem accessing that turnstile?

You’ll be fine because i-TimeTec App is designed to function via Bluetooth communication, hence, no Internet connectivity is not a problem.

5. Is it safe for the smartphone to communicate with TimeTec Smart Turnstile under offline mode?

Yes. Just imagine when you have been issued an access card for turnstile; that same mechanism applies when you are granted access on a pre-approved basis and it makes no difference in this scenario. The only distinction is that the RFID card is replaced by a smartphone as your credential. All access log activities will be uploaded to the system once the smartphone is back online, so your data will be safe and sound.

6. i-TimeTec is using an offline mechanism based on a pre-approved basis. Is it possible for a visitor to cheat the system by setting the date and time on their smartphone back to the period when he or she was allowed to access the turnstile?

Not possible. TimeTec Smart Turnstile is a passive panel based on the instructions given by i-TimeTecApp and there is a real time clock built into the board. When visitors use the App to make a request to access TimeTec Smart Turnstile, the App will send the mobile phone’s date-time as well. Hence, TimeTec Smart Turnstile panel will only grant access if the mobile phone’s date-time is the same as the information on the panel.

7. What are the benefits of using a smartphone rather than using an access card?

Cards can easily be lost, stolen or forgotten because it has no other functions except to open doors or gates; but a smartphone is functional and personal as well as being an important part of modern lifestyle. Besides, a smartphone contains a lot of power and functions which includes controlling the TimeTec Smart Turnstile.

8. Can a user still access TimeTec Smart Turnstile after he/she has resigned from the office?

The Admin is responsible to disable or remove the staff’s smartphone access from the list, therefore, the accessibility depends on the Admin.

9. In cases whereby residents do not own any smartphone, what’s your solution to that?

We suggest issuing a BLE or RFID card as a backup to cater for such situations as well as pre-setting some cards to access the designated TimeTec Smart Turnstiles.

10. If I have a visitor, would the guard issue him/her a card or should he/she be install i-TimeTec App?

The use of i-TimeTec App would be most convenient because by pre-registering, visitors will receive a QR code to be scanned at the guardhouse, as well as a pre-approved access code to access the building via TimeTec Smart Turnstile. However, it all depend on the policy of your company on visitors. If this is not allowed, all visitors must register at the guard post before they are allowed entry into the office compound.

11. What if some visitors do not have any smartphones?

The BLE smart cards or RFID cards can be issued and used as backups.

12. If someone misplaced his/her BLE or RFID card and somebody else found it; can the person with the card still use it to access TimeTec Smart Turnstile?

The person who lost a BLE card or RFID card shall report to the management instantly to remove the card from the system and block access from any unauthorized person. This is solely the responsibility of the owner.