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i-TimeTec Smart Lock FAQ




1. FingerTec ML-10B and FingerTec TL-40B come with a fingerprint scanner. Is it compulsory to enrol and save user's fingerprints into them?

Yes, it is compulsory for permanent users. For occasional users, fingerprint enrolment is optional and admin can control their access into the neighbourhood by using i-Neighbour mobile App as well as control access for home users in i-TimeTec App.

2. How can I transfer user’s fingerprints to other FingerTec ML-10B & TL-40B if I install multiple units?

FingerTec ML-10B & TL-40B comes with a USB port and you can simply plug in the USB Flash disk and listen to the audio instruction from ML-10B to transfer user’s fingerprints from one unit to another.

3. How could a mobile App interact with FingerTec Smart Lock Series? How secure is the communication?

FingerTec Smart Lock Series is a Bluetooth enabled device that allows connection to mobile apps like i-Neighbour and i-TimeTec. The connection is secured by a Bluetooth pairing code, viewable and amendable only by the owner. To unlock a door, user of a mobile app can send a virtual key to FingerTec Smart Lock Series through a Bluetooth connection. Each user must register and be authorized by the supposed owner in order to login to the mobile app. In conclusion, there are 3 layers of security in using ML10b, which are login credentials, Bluetooth pairing code and virtual key.

4. Why should I use a mobile app instead of a physical key or a card to gain access?

The chances of losing physical keys or cards are much higher than that of losing a smartphone. Nowadays people carry their smartphone at all times, everywhere. Placing your access ‘key’ on your smartphone is providing you the convenience you require as a user. And in cases where you lost your keys or cards or you have a faulty lock, you need to change the locks or card reader the soonest possible in order to avoid unfortunate incidents or break ins.

5. If FingerTec Smart Lock Series is not connected to the Internet, or to a network, how can I review the entry-exit records?

All entry-exit records will be uploaded from each individual user’s mobile App. All requests are sent by the user’s mobile App and the mobile app will keep all records of entries and exits at all times.

6. Since the mobile App requires Bluetooth connection to be paired with FingerTec Smart Lock Series, do I need to help my family members in pairing their smartphones one-by-one before they can use it?

No. The owner only requires to setup Bluetooth pairing code during the first time setup. The owner needs to create accounts for all of his family members by inserting their email addresses. The system will then send emails to the family members and guide them in downloading the mobile App and creating their login password. When the family members login to the mobile App, they will then have the Bluetooth pairing code immediately in the App.

7. Can you show me some UIs for i-TimeTec App so that I have a brief idea of this App?

Here are some UIs for i-TimeTec App:

8. What if my neighbour install the same FingerTec Smart Lock and same App as mine? Can he/she use his/her mobile App to unlock my doors?

Definitely not. His Bluetooth pairing code will be different from yours and your FingerTec Smart Lock will not respond to it.

9. In case I’m away from home but someone wants to access into my house, for example the babysitter needs to take my kid’s school uniform, what should I do in order to allow this kind of access?

You can setup and send temporary pass from i-TimeTec App into the email address of the person you are authorizing to access your home. That person needs to install i-TimeTec App and create an account by using the same email address. Once done, he/she can login into the App and use the readily available temporary pass. This pass is on temporary timely basis and the person can only access within the permitted time range.

10. Who can view and amend the Bluetooth virtual key for my FingerTec Smart Lock?

Only the account owner (the first person who connects to FingerTec Smart Lock via Bluetooth connection) can do it. FingerTec Smart Lock comes with a default Bluetooth pairing code and only the account owner can change it during the first time connection.

11. What if the Internet connection is unavailable in my area, can I still use the mobile app to unlock doors?

No worries. Both i-Neighbour and i-TimeTec App work in offline mode by referring to the last updated records.

12. If my smart lock runs out of battery, and couldn’t be opened by using App and fingerprint, what should I do?

No problem, you still can use its mechanical key to open the door and change its batteries afterward. Here is the video how to use mechanical key to unlock door.