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i-TimeTec App
User Guide for
Smart Access (BLE-2)

List of guides:

• Before Configuration
• Register Account In i-TimeTec App
• Sign in > Read tips and guides
• Configure BLE 2
• Try Unlock
• Auto Lock Setting
• Enable Voice Command
• Rename a BLE-2 Device
• Manage Users
• Manage Access Group
• Create Temporary Access

BLE 2 for
Smart Door
Smart Barrier
Smart Turnstile
Before Configuration
You will need technical expert to help you install BLE-2 on your device (door, turnstile or barrier), follow the installation guide provided to do it. When the BLE-2 is power on by 12V DC, you can configure it in your i-TimeTec App.
Download and install i-TimeTec Mobile App from links above. Register an account with i-TimeTec following steps here. We are using BLE-2 below as sample in this configuration guide.

You can find serial number at the back of your BLE-2, in this case it is "210000022".
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Register Account In i-TimeTec App
To start using i-TimeTec App, you will need to register an user account.
1. Tap Sign Up
2. Fill in all the fields and tap "Register"
3. You will receive an activation email once registration is successful.
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Sign in > Read tips and guides
Once you have activated your registered account, sign in using the login email and password that you have created, and you will see some startup guides as shown below:
1. Fill in login email and password, tap "Sign in".
2. You will see tips and guides we have prepared for you during first sign in. Tap on "Smart IP Cameras" to read the tips.
3. More tips.
4. More tips.
5. More tips.
6. More tips.
7. More tips.
8. More tips.
9. More tips.
10. More tips.
11. More tips.
12. You will see this main menu page.
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Configure BLE-2
Make sure you stand near to the BLE-2 when you are adding it into your listing, bluetooth function of your smart phone must be switched on. You can configure the settings to the BLE 2 even it is not connected to your app.
1. Go to "Menu" and tap "Access" button
2. Your phone will start scanning the BLE-2. Tap the scanned BLE-2, in this case you will see "210000022" is shown.
3. Tap "BLE-2" and you can rename the device, for eg "Front door" if you are installing it at a door. Tick "Door" at the selection. Tap "ADD".
4. "Front door" is added to your i-TimeTec App.
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Try Unlock
Try unlock the device (front door) now to check if everything works accordingly. Remember must turn on the bluetooth function of your phone.
1. Go to "Menu" and tap "Access" button
2. You will see this lock icon, tap on it.
3. i-Timetec App will try to connect with your lock.
4. When lock icon turns "green", it means the lock has been unlocked. You can then open the door.
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Set Auto Detect - Auto Unlock
After adding the BLE-2 to your app and make sure it can be unlocked and locked successfully, you can do additional setting such as "Auto Unlock" when you are approaching the device that installed with this BLE-2.
1. Go to "Menu" and tap "Access" button
2. Tap on the device you want to change setting, in this case, tap on "Front Door".
3. Tap on "Settings".
4. Tap on the switch button to enable Auto Detect and Auto Unlock.
5. Tap "Yes".
6. You can also change delay timer at "Auto Unlock Countdown", the default timer is 3 seconds.
7. Make sure i-TimeTec App is on when you are approaching the door, a pop up like this will be shown on screen. You can wait for count timer to finish and app unlocks BLE 2 for you; or you can tap unlock to unlock immediately.
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Enable Voice Command
Same as setting auto unlock, you can set voice command in your BLE-2 setting. You can also learn to customize the secret question and answer here.
1. Go to "Menu" and tap "Access" button
2. Tap on the door you want to change setting, in this case, tap on "Front Door".
3. Tap on "Settings".
4. Enable Auto Detect and Voice Command.
5. Tap "Yes".
6. Tap on "Secret Question & Answer" to check the voice command keywords.
7. The default question and answer is "Unlock" and "Yes" respectively.
8. When you are approaching "Front door", make sure i-TimeTec App is active and you will see this pop up asking the default secret question.
9. Immediately the app will request you to voice out the default answer which is "yes".
10. The App has successfully got your secret answer "yes" and "Front door" will be opened.
11. You can customize the secret question and answer by tapping this option, enter your personalised secret Q&A (in this case, "Who are you?" and "Alice").
12. The next time you approach "Front door", new secret question "Who are you?" will be asked.
13. Voice out your answer ("Alice").
14. "Front door" will be opened when your answer is correctly matching the question, which is "Alice".
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Rename a BLE-2 Device
Sometimes we have too many devices/access that installed with BLE-2, so it is clearer to name the device or access the way we can remember it.
1. Go to "Menu" and tap "Access" button
2. Tap on the BLE-2 device that we want to change the name, in this case, tap on "Front Door".
3. Tap on "Settings".
4. Tap on "Front Door" under the lock icon.
5. Enter the new name (Main Entrance) for the device and tap "SAVE".
6. You have successfully renamed the device.
7. You can also put the picture of the access by tapping the lock icon.
8. Choose how you want to add photo.
9. After photo is added, it will be displayed like this.
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Manage Users
As the owner of a lock, you can add admin or user to your lock. To do that, you need to add them by "Manage User" first. The user will receive an invitation email from you, that prompt them to download i-TimeTec App and register an account using the app. After the user registered and activated their account, his/her name will be listed in user list that you can assign role to them for your lock. Being an "admin" enables them to add more users for the lock, for "user" role, users cannot add any user but merely can open the lock. Please follow the steps below:
To invite users
1. Tap "Menu" > "Manage Users"
2. Tap "+" to add user
3. Fill up name and email of the user who you want to invite.
4. An invitation has been sent to the email. Tab "Add more" to continue adding user.
To delete user
1. This is the page when you have successfully invited 3 users. The "P" in red circle means "Pending account activation".
2. Swipe left at the particular user and you will see a "dustbin" icon. Tap on it to delete the user.
3. You have successfully removed Peter Doe. Meanwhile, when a user has created and activated his/her account, there is no red circle "P".
Add admin/user to a particular lock
1. Go to the camera that you want to add user by : Menu > Epicamera > Configure Cameras > Choose your camera > Manage Users
2. Tap on "+" at Admin to add an admin.
3. The user who has created and activated his/her account will be listed here, select the user by ticking it and then tap the bigger tick at right top corner.
4.You have successfully added a new admin.
Change role of an admin (same way to change role of an user)
1. Swipe left at the particular admin that you want to change role.
2. Tick "pencil" (edit) icon to change role, if you want to remove him/her, tap "dustbin" icon to delete.
3. Tap OK.
4. You have successfully changed Mary's role from "admin" to "user".
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Manage Access Group
If you want allow someone to access your BLE-2 Device, for eg. your part time cleaner who will come clean your house daily at certain time, you can do it by create an access group. You will need to invite your cleaner to create and activate his/her account in i-TimeTec first (follow steps in "Manage User" > "Invite User" above)
1. Tap "Menu" > "Smart Access" > "Configure Access" > Choose BLE-2 Device > "Access Group"
2. Tap "+" to create access group
3. Name the schedule and set the time frame for each day. Tap "Full Day" if you want to allow full day access.

4. Tap the "User" when you have done the time and day settings.
5. Tick user for this schedule. If you do not find the user in this list, check into "Manage User". You might forget to add the users to the BLE 2.
6. You have successfully created schedule for "Cleaner". You can delete it by swiping the schedule to left.
7. Tap on the dustbin icon to remove it.
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Manage Temporary Access
To create temporary access for someone, you can do it in "Temporary Access".
1. Tap "Menu" > "Smart Access" > "Configure Access" > Choose BLE-2 Device > "Temporary Access"
2. Tap "+" to create Temporary Access
3. Name the schedule and tap "access time".

4. Set the time frame for this temporary access.
5. Select user for this temporary access and tap the tick on right top corner.
6. You have successfully created this temporary access. You can delete it following step 7 in "Manage Access Group".

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Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.