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FingerTec News | 03/05/2019
Opening doors using a smartphone App is made possible with i-TimeTec App. Connect i-TimeTec App with either TimeTec BLE-2 or FingerTec Smartlock, and now you can open doors by tapping on the lock on your i-TimeTec. TimeTec BLE-2 is a Bluetooth Low Energy smart door controller that controls the door opening and closing mechanism once it receives command from the designated App. The same mechanism also applies to the BLE smartlock like FingerTec ML-10B, TL-40B and such.
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Why Should You Choose i-TimeTec?
Implementation is Easy - Connect the BLE device to i-TimeTec Easy with a few simple steps and management of users in i-TimeTec is made simple.

Usage is Easy - With i-TimeTec, you just need to bring your smartphone around and access the app to unlock your door(s)

Methods to Open Door:
Audit Trail Available - From i-TimeTec App you can get each detail of audit trail happening at your devices at all times even when you are not around so you would know who access which door at what time, all the time

Free Updates
i-TimeTec is always up to date at zero cost.
How To Use i-TimeTec and What’s the Cost?
Install i-TimeTec App into your BLE-enabled smartphone. Connect TimeTec/FingerTec BLE devices to i-TimeTec App, and start using. i-TimeTec App can be installed free of charge from Google Playstore or Apple Store.
If you are looking for a modern access control system or a simple smartlock system, look no further.
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