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Smart Surveillance FAQ
1.  What is the difference between Epicam E16S and E17S?

Epicam E16S is a Cube camera for indoor installation to monitor activities inside a house, whereas Epicam E17S is a robust bullet camera installed outdoor to monitor outdoor activities.

2.  Do I need to install extra NVR for storage at home or should I use cloud storage or I just need to install the Epicam E16S or E17S only?

You can choose to subscribe to our cloud storage for secure backup or install extra NVR at home for a full video storage; store your motion alert footages in an SD card.

3.  If I use cloud storage, do I need to pay the subscription fee? And how much would it be?

The fee for cloud storage is $10.99 per month for 7 days storage. For details, please click here.

4.  How many units of Epicam E16S and E17S are required to cover my entire house?

It depends on the size of your house and how you want it to be monitored. Always engage with a professional to provide you with the best recommendation. Contact our partners for professional advice.

5.  Can I monitor activities in video format or images remotely?

Yes, the Epicam E16S and E17S come with a downloadable TimeTec Security App for iOS and Android mobile phones to enable you to monitor your space remotely.

6.  How does the TimeTec Security App works with i-Neigbhour App in a smart community platform?

If your home has installed TimeTec Security and your neighbourhood is using i-Neighbour, these two applications are integrated. Therefore, whenever there is a motion alert at your home, the security guards will be informed automatically so they can take further action.

7.  If I can view my personal camera activities by using i-Neighbour app, does it mean that other people in the community can also view my camera activities?

Please note that TimeTec Security is designed for individual house use only. Hence, it can only be accessed by the account owner who is the house owner and permissible family members only. On the other hand, i-Neighbour is a different system designed for a neighbourhood and its users do not have any access to any of your personal cameras.

8.  If I don't use cloud storage or NVR storage, how long can I keep my history record by just using SDRAM of the camera?

It depends on the size of the SD card and the frequency of the motion detected snapshot or video. For a 32GB SD card, it can store up to 22888 snapshots if every minute has a snapshot and it can last for 15 days. If for video file, it could be 1-7 days.


9.  Can E16S support sound and voice? If yes, can I use it to video chat with my family member at home?

Yes, this model supports 2-way audio. However, the results may vary depending on the Internet connection speed.

10.  Can I view the images or video by using browser on my computer besides using a mobile App?

If you have subscribed for cloud storage then you can view and playback the uploaded snapshots or videos.

11.  Can my family members login by using their own user accounts to view videos and images?

Yes, you can share the cameras with your family members.

12.  Can Epicam E17S be used for the TimeTec LPR system as well? If not, why?

No. Even though the specifications is quite high-ed for Epicam E17S, we recommend LPR camera rather than common cameras; because the camera needs to meet certain criteria for LPR purpose, not just by its specifications. Click here for more information.

13.  Can I install and set up Epicam E16S and E17S DIY?

Yes, our cameras are designed for home users. It is easy to install and setup by using the app to scan the QR code of the camera.