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FAQ - Smart Alarm
Intruder Alarm
1. How does the smart intruder system work?

The smart intruder system comprises of four components, a gateway, door/window sensors, a PIR motion sensor, and a siren. The gateway is the main controller that connects and monitors all the sensors via Zigbee connection, a unique wireless connection to use by a smart home appliance. In case any sensor reports fault, for example, the door sensor detected a door is open, the gateway triggers an alert immediately. This gateway also connects to home WiFi at all times. Hence, in case of the alarm triggers, the gateway sends a notification to the owner smartphone App immediately.

2. If it senses movement, do we have to install many units to get everything covered?

The PIR motion sensor functions to monitor movement and the quantity you need depends on how wide the area you need covering. For home installation, the best locations to install PIR motion sensors are at hallways and living halls. One PIR sensor can detect movement within 7 meters radius at 180 degrees.

3. Is the system on at all times or we have to select the times?

The TimeTec Smart Intruder Alarm comes with a timer. Therefore, you can schedule to arm and disarm the alarm based on your preference. You can also do it manually if you don't prefer using schedules.

4. Why is it smart?

It is smart because it does not require complicated wiring nor installation work, and it is always connected. The gateway and sensors are battery-powered, and they communicate all the time via the Zigbee network. The owner can configure and monitor the alarm via the mobile App at any time.

5. If my smartphone is in silent mode, how would the system alert me?

An alarm has to be alarming. Therefore, even though you silence your smartphone, when the alarm goes off, your mobile App rings the loudest to draw your attention.

PIR/Motion Sensor
1. Would it only sense human movement or any movements?

I have pets at home, would it be a nuisance when the alarm wakes me up at night because of my pets? Fortunately, the PIR sensor comes with a “pet-immunity” feature, which means that it does not trigger while your pets are moving around. How does it know the movement comes from pets? We derived this feature through years of research so you can feel comfortable using our system.

2. Is the PIR dangerous to health?

Passive Infrared is passive because it doesn't radiate energy for detection purposes. Instead, it works by detecting infrared radiation or radiant heat emitted by or reflected from objects. This sensor does not emit anything, so it's totally safe for human health.

Door/Window Magnetic Sensor
1. Why do we need the magnetic sensor in the mix? What does it do?

This magnetic sensor creates a magnetic seal between itself and a contact surface. Usually, people install the sensor a door or a window frame and the magnet on the door or the window itself. If there is a break-in at that door or that window, the magnet pulls apart and breaks the magnetic seal, and the sensor reports this fault to the gateway immediately.

2. If the magnetic sensor broke, does it mean people can enter the house unnoticed? How do I know if the sensor has defected? How to check?

Whenever you close the door/windows that installed with these sensors, make sure both magnets are close to each other. A green LED at one magnet indicates that the sensor is working correctly.

Smart Gateway Camera
1. Can you explain more the function of Smart Gateway Camera?

The Smart Gateway Camera is the main controller in the alarm system. It monitors all the sensors’ statuses and reports them to the owner of the App at all times. Additionally, it works like a surveillance camera too. The owner can check the home environment through the App connected to the Smart Gateway Camera. When an alarm triggers, it captures a 10s short video automatically, and forward it to the owner of the App immediately.

2. Do we need to install just one? Is it expensive?

One Smart Camera Gateway can support up to 32 sensors on one floor. Hence, you need to install an additional gateway if you have more than 32 sensors installed on the same floor. If your house is a multi-storey building, regardless of how many sensors you need per floor, you still need one gateway per floor.

3. Can I view the camera from my smartphone from anywhere?

Yes. As long as you connect the Smart Gateway Camera to an active Internet, you can view the live stream from it at any time, from anywhere conveniently.

4. Is the camera water/weatherproof?

Unfortunately, the camera is not water/weatherproof. Therefore it is suitable for indoor use only.

Panic button
1. How easy to push the panic button? Can my kids do it?

Long-press is a safety feature embedded to avoid misuse or accidental use of a panic button. Therefore, when a user wants to push the panic button, he or she must hold down the panic button, or long-press it for three seconds to trigger the panic alarm.

2. Who would get notified when I push the panic button?

The Gateway triggers the siren after you pressed the panic button. One family has to register one account, and the rest of the family member can download the App on their smartphone and access it using the same login credentials. So, when a family member triggers an alarm, the rest who share the same account receives the alert concurrently.

3. Would it be so loud that I could endanger me if the intruder notices?

You can opt not to install a siren at your home. Therefore, whenever you trigger a panic button, the gateway only triggers the shared App owners' smartphones.

1. Do I need to buy the siren it separately?

No, you don't. The siren is one of the components in the intruder alarm package.

2. When the system senses an intruder, would the siren go off immediately?

Yes. The system triggers siren to go off when an intruder is detected, and this is an important security measure for a home security system.

3. How easy to turn off the siren in case of false alarm?

It is pretty easy. You can use your mobile app to disarm the alarm or shut down the siren manually.