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Access i-TimeTec
From Your Mobile Home Screen Using Widgets
You can now unlock doors in i-TimeTec straight from your Home Screen. How? Simply launch Widgets and add i-TimeTec App onto the Home Screen for easy access. Follow the steps below to get started:
At the Android smartphone Home Screen, tap on Widgets.
Note: The Add Widgets operation might differ depending on the manufacturer or model.
Search for i-TimeTec widgets. Tap at the icon to add it onto the Home Screen.
Once done, you'll be able to view the doors with the Unlock button icon on your Home Screen. Tap at the button to unlock the door when you are approaching it.
Swipe left from your Home Screen. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit.
At Add Widgets screen, look for i-TimeTec App and tap at the Add button.
Drag the App to change or arrange the sequence. Tap Done to save all changes.
Done! You'll now be able to view i-TimeTec widgets when you swipe left from your Home Screen. Tap at the button unlock door/entrance that's installed with TimeTec BLE-2.